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Welcome to, the #1 website for all your Husky related needs. My name is James and I’m a proud owner of beautiful Husky named Archie.

I know firsthand how challenging it can be to raise a healthy, happy and well obedient Husky and this is why I created HuskyAdvice. was created for husky dog owners and lovers, such as myself, to provide valuable information concerning training, grooming, diet, exercise and everything else that has to do with this wonderful dog breed.

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The important truth about training huskies is that it begins on day one. The moment you let your puppy inside your home, he starts to analyze everything around him to know what is expected of him, what is allowed and what is off limits.

So why is this so important? It’s because those actions that your puppy learns on the first couple of days will slowly turn into habits, and if that behavior is less than desirable than you will have a much tougher time trying to correct it once it turn into a bad habit.

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If your husky is showing early signs of disobedience, don’t put it off to a later date. Bad behavior can quickly grow into habits that are tough to get rid of.