Housetraining a Husky

Whether it’s a young puppy that needs to be housetrained or an adult husky dog that has never been housebroken before, potty training your husky is most likely on the top of your “To Do” list when it comes to husky training, because no one likes their house smelling like pee and poop!

Since I get questions from owners about housebreaking their huskies, I put together a FAQ that should help you get your husky housetrained and keep your house “accident” free!

When Should I Start Housebreaking My Husky Puppy?

Potty training your husky puppy is going to require some patience and a lot of constancy. You should begin housetraining your husky as soon as you bring him how to avoid having the “accident” from becoming a habit.

When Should I Take My Husky Puppy Outside For Walks And How Often?

When housebreaking your husky, you should take him out five to six times to ensure that he has no need to go potty indoors. You should take him out right after each meal and also in-between meals to avoid any accidents. Once your husky dog and is properly housetrained, you can take him outside less often, three to four time will be enough for your husky to do his business.

Will Punishing My Husky Puppy For Peeing On The Carpet Help Discourage Going Potty Indoors?

First of all let me say that punishment should never be used. No matter what you are trying to teach you’re husky, there are other ways of getting him to learn what you want him to learn. So the basic answer is NO, punishing your husky puppy for peeing or pooping inside your house will not help you get him housetrained mainly because he won’t associate the punishment with the action.

What Do I Do When I Catch My Husky Peeing Indoors?

Don’t let your husky finish his business indoors because if he sees you watching him and letting him finish then he will assume that you are okay with it and that peeing indoors is just fine. What you want to do is, if you can that is, firmly say “NO” and bring him outside and let him finish there.

What’s The Best Way To Prevent Any Accidents From Happening While Housetraining?

The absolute best way to prevent any accidents from happening indoors is to walk your husky as many times as many times as you can. Also make sure to get rid of the urine smell because if your husky can smell that he has gone potty there before, he will think that it’s okay to go there again.

How Do You Get Rid Of The Urine Smell?

Huskies have a far more superior sense of smell than us humans do and while you might think that you cleaned up the accident all the way, there is still probably a smell left lingering that you’re husky can pick up quite easily. However all hope is not lost and you can easily clean it up with urine odor remover. Just spray it and let it do its work!

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