Husky Behavior 101

Tough bad behavior doesn’t appear overnight. This is why it’s important to start behavior and obedience training early on with Huskies.

Of course not all bad behavior is learned, some is just lack of training (housebreaking is a perfect example of that example).

If you are having problems with your Siberian Husky and want to put an end to bad behavior then you must take certain steps before you can expect to see results.

Identify The Cause of the Problem

This might sound obvious at first, but you will be surprised at how many owners do this step incorrectly, or completely forget it.

You must find the real root of the problem and not a symptom or you will be just wasting your time.

For example if your husky goes potty indoors only when you’re out or at work, it doesn’t mean that he isn’t house trained. It’s more likely that he pees inside because he is unable to hold it in for such a long time.

So praising your dog for going potty outdoors and going through housetraining all over again won’t really cure the problem. Adjusting the times you walk your dog or getting someone else to walk your dog for you while you’re gone will solve the problem.

It’s important that you locate the real cause of the problem before you try to correct it.

Correct Bad Behavior

When I talk about correction of bad behavior, I don’t mean punishing your dog by slapping him or yelling at him for something he did.

When I say “correct bad behavior” I’m talking about stopping your husky in his tracks whenever you catch him “in the act” and fixing what he is doing wrong.

If your husky bites your hands while you are playing with him, stop playing and give him a chew toy to bite on instead of your hand.

Don’t let your husky’s bad behavior flourish. Stop it whenever you catch him in the act and correct his actions if possible. Otherwise he think you approve of his actions.

Reward Good Behavior

Positive reinforcement is the best learning tool you can have when dealing with a husky that has developed bad behavior.

For example, if your husky still isn’t housetrained you can use positive reinforcement to help him learn quicker that going potty outside is what you want him to do.

So whenever you take him out on a walk and he does his doggy business where he is supposed to, reward him with for it with a treat and some praise!

Remember that you don’t have to give out treats all the time. Sometimes just praise and a pat on the head is more than enough.

Prevent Bad Husky Behavior From Happening

The best cure for bad behavior is preventing it from happening in the first place.

Don’t let small bad instances turn into hard to get rid of behavior problems.

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  1. Dawn says:

    I adopted a husky that when ptting a collar or harness on him will start bitting at your hand and lay down and roll over im also having trouble getting him to obey and stay in the yard he has started chasing cats and has killed a feral kitten that he was chasing and went across road and was by neighbors chicken pen we have had to tether him out when outside and sugestions would be great when i adopted him he was caught by animal control his previous neighbors couldnt keep him in any type of fence and let him run all over the neighbor hood in town befor he was caught by animal control

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