Husky Digging Holes In The Backyard

I have been reading through some of the emails that I’ve received and want to apologize if I still haven’t answered your question. I will get to it I promise!

In the meantime I will do my best to answer Christy’s question about her husky who is constantly digging holes in her back yard. Here is what she wrote:

Hey James

I have a two year old Husky dog that I love and adore with all my heart. I have been following your website for some time now and want to personally thank you for putting up all this good information to help other husky dog owners. I’ve learned so much from this website and I’m sure others have as well so keep this website alive!

Anyways, I’m contacting you because I have a question myself. Recently my family and I moved to a new home with a much larger backyard. Our old home had a small backyard so we often went to the park and let our dog loose there so he can run around and exercise. In our new home however, there is plenty of room for him to run around and have fun on his own. This has worked out great for first two weeks but now I have a problem.

My husky keeps digging holes in the backyard all the time. We have two trees growing and he constantly digs holes around them digging through roots. What I end up having is a messy backyard and a dirty husky who I have to wash before I can let him inside. Whenever I catch him in the act, I tell him NO or STOP and he stops but after couple of minutes later same exact thing happens.
What can I do to stop my husky from digging holes up in our backyard? I just want my husky to stop digging holes and instead run around and play.

Please help; I don’t know what to do!

Christy K.

Well help Christy!

I’m certainly glad you like this website and I’m glad it has helped you. I know firsthand how tough it can be to be a first time husky dog owner.

To answer your question about your husky digging holes in the backyard, well it’s completely natural. Huskies sure love to dig. The good news however, is that you can fix this problem fairly easy!

The first thing I would recommend you do to keep your husky from digging holes is to keep him busy. When you go out to your backyard, bring a ball or some other toy and play fetch with your husky. Huskies are very smart dogs and get bored easy. Keeping him busy will keep his mind off digging holes in the backyard.

Try not to leave your husky alone at first. For the next week or two, always go out with him and watch him to make sure your husky isn’t digging any holes. Condition your dog through training that digging in the backyard is not permitted. Instead its a time for him to run around, play fetch and exercise.

Over time your husky will realize that going outside is not about digging holes, but instead the time he should be running around and having fun. Make sure you cover up the old holes though, you don’t want anything to remind him about digging holes in the backyard!

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  1. Jack says:

    I was going crazy I love my husky more than anything she was digging holes wouldn’t stop, I didn’t yell at her, Instead I followed her around, watched where she was digging, know this may sound mean, I assure you it’s not and it works. I went to the spice store, purchased a bag of Cayenne pepper, I let her out back, she started digging I walked over told her no firmly, she back up then started digging again. I let her see me open the bag, I filled the hole then sprinkled cayenne over the area, she started to dig again, she stopped abruptly, after a couple of days she learned not to dig as often I still on occasion put the cayenne down as reminder when she starts to dig, she is 4months old and digging really isn’t and issue any more. hope this will help you. Thanks Jack

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