Husky Training

There are a lot of myths and false information floating around about husky training, and dog training in general, which can lead to not only bad results or no results at all, but also to a bad relationship between the owner and the husky dog.

That’s why I put together a simple basic guide to husky training so that even the most inexperienced dog owner can learn the essential basics of training their dogs.

So let’s jump in and learn the basics of training a husky pup!

When Should I Start Training My Husky Puppy?

This is one of the most popular questions that I have been asked. Well to tell you the truth, you are starting “training” the moment you bring your husky home without even realizing it!

“What? But in order to train my husky I need treats and… toys and.. rewards and.. clickers and… “

Nope! That is simply not true. Your husky starts learning from you the minute you let him into the new house just by watching you. Just like a child that learns by watching his parents, your husky is learning from you from day one.

So what does that mean for you? That means that you should always discourage bad behavior, and reward good behavior, and not just during the training sessions.

They key thing is to not let your husky puppy do things that you wouldn’t want him to do as an adult. For example if you don’t want your husky get on your bed or couch once he is an adult, don’t let him get on when he is a puppy.

If he was always allowed on the bed and then suddenly everyone starts kicking him off, it will just leave your husky confused. Instead decide on your house rules from the beginning and stick with them.

Hiring a Professional Dog Trainer To Do All Of The Husky Training For You? — BAD IDEA!

If you get yourself a professional dog trainer to train your husky for you, your dog will learn new tricks and will be more obedient for sure, but there is a HUGE downside to it to.

Just like other dogs, huskies are ‘pack’ animals and judge each other by their ‘rank’ in the pack. If your husky feels like he outranks you in the pack, he will simply ignore anything you say because in his mind you are the one who should be following HIS orders.

This is why it is your role as the dog owner to be the alpha dog, or the leader of the pack. The best way to show your leadership is by training your husky yourself. That is because when you are teaching new tricks you are constantly giving orders, handing out rewards and setting rules, which is exactly what the pack leader does.

So what happens when you are not the one doing those things and the dog trainer is? Well your husky will see the dog trainer as the pack leader and not you.

Even if your husky learns new tricks and stop misbehaving when the dog trainer is around, there still is a possibility that when he leaves all the bad behavior will come right back and since you didn’t do any of the dog training yourself, you will have to hire the dog trainer once again and waste even more money!

Husky training is not all about the new tricks he learns, it is also about the bonding between the owner and the dog. It is about establishing a way to communicate between you and him and building a relationship based on trust and understanding. I highly suggest you do not miss this opportunity by letting someone else train your husky puppy for you.

Should I Punish My Husky When He Misbehaves

Positive reinforcement is the best and the quickest way to train your husky new tricks and correct any behavior problems, but what do you do when you catch your husky misbehaving?

What You Should Do…

What you should do is correct whatever he is doing wrong. What I mean by that is if he is chewing on your shoe, firmly say “No” and take away the shoe and give him his chew toy. If you catch him peeing on your carpet, say “No” and bring him outside to finish his business.

By saying “No” you are telling your husky that what he is doing wrong and by fixing his behavior you are showing him what he should be doing instead. Not many owners do this with their huskies, but it is a very effective way to get your husky to stop doing things he shouldn’t be doing.

What You Shouldn’t Do…

You should never, and I repeat EVER, hit or yell at your husky even when he is misbehaving. It won’t teach your husky anything and it will only make him resent you for it.

If you hit your dog, it will cause confusion over why you are hitting him and can also make him feel like he should defend himself against you, and that can get pretty ugly.

Great Tips For Husky Training

Here are some great tips which you can’t go wrong with when training your husky. I suggest you start applying them right away because they are the difference between getting your husky to learn something in two weeks and getting him to learn things in just a couple of training sessions.

Training Tip #1 – Do not hit or yell at your husky!

This will only cause more problems than solutions. If during training your husky doesn’t do what is asked of him, don’t resort to hitting.  Instead try again or try a different approach. Remember, there is always another way to solve the problem.

Training Tip #2 – Praise your husky pup often during training

Praise will encourage your dog to repeat his actions. If he gets a “Good Boy!” then he knows he did something right. Treats are also a great way to speed up training!

Training Tip #3 – Be consistent during husky training

Consistency is the key when it comes to training your dog. What I mean by that is don’t use different names for tricks. “Sit” should always be “Sit” and not “Sit Down” or “Down”. Pick a name for a trick and stick to it!

Training Tip #4 – Try to mix things up!

I know this might seem like a contradiction with the previous training tip but it’s not. You need to be consistent when it comes to what you expect of your dog, but when it comes to training time you can change things up a bit. Maybe use different treats, continue training in a different location or try a different method to achieve your goal.

Training Tip #5 – Make husky training FUN!

Get your husky puppy excited about training. Don’t make it a boring chore for both of you. Try to include fun games during training so both of you are enjoying it and your husky will look forward towards training.