Can Huskies Live In Arizona?

Can Huskies Live In Arizona?

The hot climate isn’t a comfortable season for huskies. Especially in places like Arizona that get sweltering in the summer season. It’s natural to make you more worried About “Can Huskies Live in Arizona?”. Whether your beloved husky can live well in such hot places like Arizona or not. 

The facts say “yes they can live pretty well in Arizona”. You only need to give them some extra care. Huskies are already gifted with a double coat. That helps them to maintain the temperature in hot weather too. So, helping them to remain cool can make their survival easy 

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Can Huskies Survive in Arizona?

Yes, they can definitely. As long as they get proper shades, plenty of water, coolness, and some time to play with you. In warm months, it gets a bit hotter so your husky should be indoors with an air conditioner. You also have to squeeze some time to play with them. So, they don’t get bored because a bored husky is chaotic. There’s no reason for huskies not to survive. Unless you neglect their needs to sustain their life.   

Average Temperature In Arizona City:

By this chart, you’ll have an idea of the average temperature of Arizona City.


How To Care For Huskies During Summer in Arizona:

You need to take some extra care if you want to own a husky in Arizona. Here are some of them:

1. Don’t Shave Coat

You should never get any thought of shaving the coat of your husky. It’s not going to rescue your husky from getting warm. The idea is going to make you in more trouble instead. The double coat has the purpose of protecting your husky’s skin from UV rays. If you remove the coat, your husky is going to suffer from the dangerous effect of UV rays.

2. Regular Brushing or Grooming

Don’t leave them messy with tangled fur. Being matted on summer days can make them irritating. Because of that, your husky’s behavior can change into a chaotic one. Therefore, regular brushing and grooming are important.

3. Keep Your Husky Indoors

Your husky should be indoors in summer times. Exposure to direct sun heat can cause serious health issues. Neither for exercise nor any short walks. if you have tiled floors indoors then that would help them more to expel the heat.

4. Invest In Sun Shields

If your home gets sun heat even from the windows and doors. Then sun shields are advisable to cover the doors and windows. Sun shields are best to protect your husky from harsh UV rays. Investing in sun shields would be a wiser decision.

5. Keep Them Away From Direct Heat

As we talked about direct heat affects the skin of your husky. you should never forget to keep them away from the direct heat of the sun. Keeping them indoors is advisable. And try to cover the doors and windows from sun shields as said earlier.

6. Kennel/House is the Best Option

Provide them a kennel house if needed to keep your husky joyful. Don’t allow your husky to dig around the backyard to feel the coolness. It’s better to get your husky its own home to lay inside to feel comfortable.

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7. Keep Them in Air Conditioner

Your husky needs a cool temperature regularly. So, in the warm temperature, you need an air conditioner for your room. Fans also work only if your house has proper shade. But not taking any risk is better. Nowadays most pet owners have an air conditioner in their homes. However, you need to have it in one room at least. 

8. Cooling Beds

Cooling beds are convenient to use. And your husky is going to love it no matter what. Cooling beds will help your husky’s body to maintain the coolness and expel the heat. Your husky will lay down without any discomfort. And you can focus on your things too without any concern.

9. Give them Plenty of Water

You need to make sure to give your husky plenty of freshwater. Most of the body water expels as sweat. Lack of drinking water can cause dehydration. Which is not good for your husky. So, make sure that they have enough water to drink throughout the day.

10. Avoid walking your dog in the heat

Because of the harsh UV rays, indirect heat. You shouldn’t take them for a walk during the daytime. In the summertime, the sunlight also gets harsh so it would be better to avoid it. Because sunburn can also cause skin cancer. 

11. Provide Them with Enough Space

Your husky needs enough space to stretch itself and relax. no matter if it is cool weather or warm. But in hot weather, you need to make sure to give them enough space to relax.

12. Exercise Them in Cool Weather

Make your husky exercise in cool weather. There will be days when the sunlight isn’t harsh at all. And there’s a cool wind blowing, enough to make your husky’s day cheerful. Mostly when the weather approaches the winter season.

13. Invest In A Paddling Pool For Them

Do you know? Your husky loves splashing water. Your husky loves to play with water anytime. Now, what should you do then?  Get your fluffy friend a good paddling pool party if you have enough space.

14. Give Them Clean & Cool Drinking Water

Always provide clean and cool water to drink. Don’t make your husky feel thirsty by giving them hot water. The water itself gets hot because of the warm temperature.

15. Avoid The Beach

If you’re not able to provide your husky with a shaded spot and enough water to drink. Then taking your husky to the beach isn’t a wise idea. And if you somehow end up going. Then always remember to rinse your husky off to remove saltwater.

16. Offer Them Cool Treats

Sometimes maybe your husky gets bored with food and plain water. So, you can make some cool chilly snacks to treat your husky. For instance, ice cubes with treats, ice pops, bananas, and peanut butter.

17. Never Leave Your Dog In The Car

An overheated parked car gets deadly within a few minutes. And many cases show dying dogs. After the owner leaves the dog in the parked car for a while. It’s always better not to leave your husky in the car on hot days.  

 18. Visit your vet

In the summer months, it’s always advisable to get your husky to visit the vet regularly. The summer times are crucial for a husky. From tick protection plans to heartworm tests are important.

Keep An Eye On Their Discomfort:

There are a few symptoms you need to keep an eye on. Because your husky can’t say to you but shows symptoms.

  • Dehydration 
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dry nose, eyes, and gums.
  • Loss of skin elasticity.
  • Moist mouths and noses

In dehydration these signs are common. So, you have to keep an eye on these signs. And get your husky to your vet for proper guidance.

  • Overheating
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness
  • Heavy breathing, panting, and drooling.
  • Agitation
  • Faster heartbeat 

These are signs of overheating. Whenever you get these signs of slight discomfort in your husky. Take your husky to a shade and provide them with cool water. But if the condition seems worse then get your Husky to the vet.

Conclusion on “Can Huskies Live in Arizona?”

As long as you help, your husky to remain cool, your husky will be perfect and happy. There are many huskies living a happy life in Arizona. You just need to do some hard work. You’ve to make sure that you’re aiding your husky well to feel comfortable. Also, Check Can huskies survive in Florida?

Only a few measures you’ve to take like providing them with proper shade, shelter, enough cool water, etc. Your husky should be indoors in the daytime if the climate is hot. And they’ve enough toys to play with indoors. That’s it, and your husky and you will be happy.

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