Can Huskies Live In Florida? You Should Know Before Owning Husky

Can Huskies Live In Florida? You Should Know Before Owning Husky

Getting a husky pet for Florida city’s people seems difficult. Because many know huskies prefer snowy places. But Florida gets hotter in the summer season. So, it’s valid to have second thoughts about “Can Huskies Live in Florida?”.

The love for huskies is getting bigger day by day in Florida City. And why not, huskies are great companions for human beings for a long time.  Being in the presence of a husky can make one the happiest being on this planet. You have a lot of information but it still feels hard to understand. Whether huskies can live in Florida or not.

Here, you’ll know everything you should know. About huskies living conditions in hot weather like Florida. Be with me till the end.

Is Florida A Good Place For Siberian Husky?

Yes, it can be a good place. Until you make sure to provide them with everything to cool down. Florida gets hotter in summer than what a husky withstands. So, you have to give them all the comforts they need to sustain their life. However, their double coat is adaptable for cool to warm weather. But still, you shouldn’t take this less seriously in any way. You have to provide them with everything at your best. From plenty of freshwaters to proper shade to an air conditioner. If your house gets too hot then air conditioning is a saver.

Husky Weather Preferences:

In general, huskies can tolerate cold -75°F (-59°C) and love to go crazy in the snow. But don’t think that the hot weather will take their breath away. Not at all, their double coat is adaptable to make adjustments in both cold and hot temperatures. Their thick fur on double coats protects them from the direct harsh heat of the sun.

Average Temperature In Florida City:

By this chart, you’ll have an idea of the average temperature of Florida City.

High75° F76°F79°F82°F85°F88°F89°F89°F88°F84°F80°F77°F

Is It Cruel To Have A Husky In Florida?

No, but you have to do some hard work for that. You’ll get some difficulties too. But those difficulties are nothing in comparison to your fluffy friend. You have to take care of Huskies’ need to make their survival well enough. Don’t allow them to exercise outside during the daytime in too much heat. Make your house cool and provide them with a treadmill instead. Give them lots of toys so they don’t get bored. A lot of other stuff that they love to do.

What Temperature Is Too Hot For A Husky?

Huskies above 90°F(32°C) can suffer outdoors. So, you need to be careful. If you put them a bit far from that is risky. However, they’re known for their adaptable character. Their double coats help them endure cold and hot weather. Now you shouldn’t avoid the facts because of that. And facts say that they’ll struggle if the temperature gets above 90°F(32°C).

A Few Things You Should Know If You Want To Own A Husky In Florida:

You must be prepared for the following if you want to own a Husky in Florida:

Regular Brushing & Grooming

Husky Brushing, Husky Grooming, Can huskies live in florida

Regular brushing and grooming are necessary. The double coat has thick fur and can easily get matted. It’ll be irritating to get matted in the warm season. That can lead to a destructive behavior of them out of irritation. Moreover, that can cause some skin problems too. Therefore, brushing and grooming are important.

Don’t Shave Coat

Shaving the double coat of your husky is a brutal and bad idea. You think shaving them would save their lives. Not at all, instead, it’ll make a way for UV rays to affect the skin harshly. The double coats help their skin maintain its temperature. Once it gets removed, there’s no way to protect them from the sun’s direct heat. 

Keep Them In Ac Or Aircon

In the warm season if your house gets exposed to the sun often. And your house gets much warmer. Then you need an AC or Aircon for your husky. Most people in warm places have AC or Aircon. But in case, if you don’t and thinking about having a husky pet. Then you should have an Ac or Aircon at least in one room.

Cooling Beds Will Keep Them Cool

Cooling beds are the best option to go with. Many pet owners have cooling beds. And now cooling beds have become their most comforting place to lay on. They love to lay on the cooling beds at night to keep themselves cool.

Provide Plenty Of Fresh Water

Make sure to provide enough freshwater to your husky. Due to warm weather and double coats, huskies tend to sweat a lot. So, you have to make sure of hydration. Not drinking enough water can cause serious heart failure too. If you don’t pay attention to it throughout the day.

Keep Them In Uv Protected Kennel/House

Provide them with their UV-protected kennel or house. If your husky is too stubborn to hop around in the backyard. Those UV-protected kennels or houses will give them a shade. And will protect from direct heat. Check Best House For Siberian Husky Here.

They Will Enjoy Paddling Pool

Getting a paddling pool is a great idea for your husky. They’re going to love it as it is so much fun. Splashing water and playing around is great fun. You know how playful huskies are. This will provide them with coolness to their body in the warm season.

Sun Shields Will Protect Them From Direct Heat

Get them sun shields that will protect them from the sun’s direct heat. Indirect heat of the sun they’ll get many UV rays. And you also know what harm UV rays can bring. Sun shields protect them from those UV rays. They won’t get sunburn and any serious skin issues. Sunburn is painful and can cause skin cancer too.

Regular Vet Visit

Regular vet visiting is necessary too. They’ll guide you according to your husky’s health condition. They’ll suggest to you exactly what you need to do. They’re professionals and have years of experience. So, they are better to know about things with proper knowledge. 


We love the outdoors and spending time with our dogs, but can Huskies live in Florida? Yes, they can! It’s important to keep in mind that most Huskies do best in a climate that has moderate temperatures year-round. Huskies are known for their independent personalities, so you’ll need to be ready for giving them extra care when you bring them home. It’s also important to know what temperature is too hot for a Husky. We’ve compiled a few things you should know if you want to own a Husky in Florida.


Can Husky live without AC?

In warm places, huskies can’t live without AC.

Is Florida too hot for dogs?

Florida City in the warm season can be stressful for dogs because of the heat and humidity.

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