How To Care Husky Paw In Winter

How To Care Husky Paw In Winter

Seeing your lovely husky dog’s paws cracked and bleeding is painful. As the winter season embarks your worries get to their peak. You’re desperate to know about “How To Care Husky Paws In Winter”.

Husky dogs usually suffer from dry and cracked paw pads in winter. Things become more difficult when the paws start to bleed coming across the harsh cold wind.

Today, you’ll get some important “10 winter care tips for your husky’s paw“. And home remedies on “Caring Your Husky Paws In Winter”. You can use these tips and remedies on your own to take care of your husky paws. So, don’t skip any points while reading.

10 Winter Care Tips For Your Husky’s Paw

Your husky paws are very sensitive. They are exposed to the elements in winter. Giving your husky paw its own special care can help prevent many problems. Here are 10 tips to keep your husky happy during the winter.

 1. Trim Hair Regularly

Make sure to trim extra hair between the paw pads of your husky dog. The fluffy fur of your husky between paw pads can be tangled in a thick mass. And it becomes painful because their skin is sensitive. Plus, salt crystals and ice cling to the matted fur. And make a hindrance while they walk. So, try to trim the hair as long as the paw pads.

2. Clean Your Husky Paw Regularly

It’s natural that while exercising and running outside. Some bits of ice or debris cling to the fluffy fur of your husky dog. And get stuck between the paw pads. That’s why it’s important to clean the paws of your husky. When you and the husky come back home from outside.

3. Trim Nail Regularly

Don’t avoid trimming nails when your husky’s nails get long. This is something many owners don’t like if the nails get overgrown. In this case, your vet can help you. Long nails can be a harmful hindrance for your husky during a walk. That’s why trimming should be regular. In general, monthly trimming is good.

4. Apply Vaseline

To moisturize your skin, you apply Vaseline in winter, don’t you? Then this applies to your husky dog’s skin too. Their tiny paws need moisture-locked skin to repel cracks and injuries in winter. Vaseline makes the paws softer and healthy in snow.

5. Moisturize

We already talked about Vaseline to moisturize the paws. As moisturizing the paws protect from cracking and injuries. There’re many options to go with for moisturizing. Like Vitamin E cream, dog paw balm, and homemade remedies.

6. Use Paw Wax To Protect Your Dog’s Paws

If your husky dog doesn’t like wearing winter boots. Then paw wax is something you should choose instead. It’s like an intangible boot. It’s easy to use that prevents the paws from ice crystals, salt, dirt, and burns. So, next time don’t forget to use paw wax.

7. Invest In Winter Boot

Dog boots in winter are a lifesaver. While excessive exercise or running can hurt your husky’s paw badly. Sometimes the hurt could be harsh to damage the paw pads. To get protection from that, investing in winter boots is a wise choice.

8. Avoid Bathing Them Too Often In The Winter

Bathing is good but too often bathing in winter isn’t good at all. Give your husky a bath once a week in the winter season. It’s a snow dog so it’s fine to bathe it once a week.

9. Keep Eye On Injury

Always keep your eyes on any kind of injury your husky gets. In the winter season injuries hurt more than usual. So, you should be careful about that. If you find any serious injury, get your husky to the vet as soon as possible.

10. Regular Vet Visit

Visit your vet regularly to be updated about your husky’s health. Veterinarians are professional and they know what to do and when to do it. They have years of experience with a variety of breeds.

How To Moisturize Your Husky’s Paws At Home

Home Remedies For Husky Paws In Winter

Here are some home remedies that you can try to care for your husky’s paw in winter:

  • Coconut Oil: When it comes to moisturizing, don’t you agree that coconut oil is more convenient and safer? Unrefined coconut oil has a lot of healthy benefits. You can apply coconut oil when your husky is asleep at night. Coconut oil is also ingestible as your husky loves dog licks its paws often
  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E also contains a lot of healing elements to dry skins. The oil that contains vitamin E like salmon oil is beneficial to feed. Salmon oil helps in the reduction of dry skin. There are other oils also available in the market containing vitamin E. That moisturizes your husky’s dry paw pads and makes them softer.
  • Olive oil: Olive oil is a great moisturizer so far. And when a cold winter arrives, olive oil is the best choice. Apply some olive oil to your husky’s paw pads. When you come back from outside’s cold harsh wind. As your husky dog loves to run and be wild. Olive oil will soothe the pain and irritation of the paw pads in your husky.
  • Shea butter: Shea butter is like a boon to you and your husky’s dry skin. Shea butter gets deeper into the skin. That hydrates the skin of the paw pads of your husky. it doesn’t contain any toxic properties. So, there’s no harm to your husky dog even if it licks its paws.
  • Paw balms: Paw balms contain natural elements that heal cracking skins faster. Every pet owner should have natural balms in the winter seasons. These balms contain beeswax oil, lavender oil, and olive oil. Those are ingredients to moisturize dry skin.
  • Cupuacu butter: Cupuacu butter comes with fatty acids that help to revive the skin. It helps to heal cracked paw pads. A small rub is beneficial for dry and cracked paws. Cupuacu butter is natural and doesn’t cause any harm.
  • Omega fatty acids: Omega fatty acids help to revive the natural oils in a husky’s body. Food containing omega fatty acids is also good to soothe allergies. Plus, it helps to give relief to itching paw pads of husky dogs in winter.
  • Drinking-Water: Last but not least, drinking plenty of water is necessary. It’s not a home remedy to moisturize but a necessity for healthy skin. Dry paw pads occur because of dehydration. So, provide your husky plenty of water to drink even in winter. So that your husky doesn’t get dehydrated.

Final Words on “Caring Husky’s Paw in Winter

Taking Care of Your Husky Paws In Winter seems challenging. But if you follow these tips, you’ll get some relief. Trimming nails and hair is important. Use paw wax if winter boots are not convenient. In the winter season, it’s also important that your husky dog is drinking enough water. They might not feel like drinking enough water because of the cold. But you can try other ways mentioned above.

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