Husky Feeding Guide By Age: [With Feeding Chart]

Husky Feeding Guide By Age: [With Feeding Chart]

A pet owner’s responsibility is overwhelming. Especially, when you think of a diet plan for your husky dog. Owners need a proper husky feeding guide by their age. Many options are available and that makes you confused. In these hectic days of yours, you also don’t get much time to pay full attention.

Here, you’ll get a husky puppy feeding chart by age for your husky dog. And with some experience, all your fears will vanish.

You need to know the whole process step by step. For that, an unlimited Siberian husky feeding guide by age is necessary to have. And this article is going to rescue you. So, keep reading till the end.

Husky Puppy Feeding Guide

How Much to Feed a Husky Puppy?

Husky puppies don’t need more food than other breeds. They’re working dogs but that doesn’t make them eat more. 2 to 2 ½ cups of food per day is enough for them. Overeating can make them overweight. And that’s not good for their health. So, try to stick with a lean but healthy diet. In general, you can’t feed them unless they’re hungry. It also depends on the hunger level of your husky puppy.

Husky Puppy Feeding Chart By Age:

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Download Chart From Here

What is the best food for your husky puppy? 

Canned dog food

Canned dog food is the best food so far. It contains a variety of other best things. Such as salmon, duck, lamb, veal, vegetables, and fruits from the forest.

Wet dog food

Wet food is also the best choice because it’s more convenient. Your husky puppy can digest this faster. The water in wet dog food makes your husky puppy hydrate.

Dry food

Many owners choose dry food for their husky puppies. Storing and feeding dry food is easy. Dry foods don’t spoil easily as wet food does.

How many times should you feed husky puppies a day?

Well, a Husky Puppy needs to have 3 meals per day. 3 meals per day, consisting of 2 to 2 ½ cups of food is ideal. However, it can change depending on how much they need on any particular day. Suppose one day it’s running around outside a lot and playing. Or, doing a lot of physical activities for fun. So, that day its hunger will require a bit more food. You can switch to 4 meals for that day. But don’t force it to eat more. It’ll show you itself if it wants.

Adult Husky Feeding Guide:

How Much to Feed an Adult Husky?

After 6 months, you notice that it reaches adulthood. So, now it’s time to reduce the amount of food you’ve been providing by at least 20%. Again, it depends on its energy level and how much hunger it has. For a male adult husky 2 cups per day. And for a female adult husky 1 ½ cups per day. Also, if the female husky is pregnant and lactating. Then it needs more nutrition to raise its puppies.

What to feed Adult Husky?

Quality is more important to your adult husky than quantity. We’ve already learned what a Husky Puppy needs. An adult husky needs the same but in a little less quantity. As it doesn’t need extra nutrients. There’re tons of options in the market. But first, consult your veterinarian. And then decide what to buy.  

How Many times should you feed an adult husky in a day?

You should feed an adult husky 2 times a day. It goes with males and females both. This much is ideal and enough for them. Their hunger level will show you if they need more of that someday. In the case of pregnant and lactating female huskies 2 to 3 times a day. 

Feeding Guide for Senior Husky:

When huskies become senior, their metabolism slows down. they’re not that energetic or active anymore. Therefore, they need well-maintained and measured food to sustain themselves. You need to reduce at least 20% of calories from food. They’re not active anymore, which makes their body overweight. At this point, commercial food is best for them. They are specially made for senior husky dogs. These help in easy digestion and provide lower fat and lower calories. Those foods also provide other minerals and vitamins. Plus, you can also give a combination of dry food and wet food.

Things To Keep In Mind When Feeding Your Husky:

Measure Dog Food And Don’t Overfeed

If you make them overeat, they’ll get health issues. Husky dogs who have a lean diet and exercise daily have lived longer. So, make sure to measure the food before feeding them.

Nutrition Check

Don’t forget to check the nutrition. They need high fiber, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and lean fat. So, try to have all these in food with proper measurement.

Feed Treats In Moderation

You need to feed treats to your husky dog in moderation. You shouldn’t feed more than 10%. So, make sure to check for this as well.

Provide Plenty Of Drinking Water

Your husky dog needs fresh and clean water in plenty. A husky dog needs 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight. So, make sure that you provide enough water for it.

Choose Dog’s Food Wisely

You should choose your husky dog’s food wisely. According to its age, size, level of physical activity, and health condition.

Store Dog’s Food In Safe Place

If you’re storing your dog’s food somewhere open in the air. Then you’re inviting pests to spoil the food. Always keep in mind that you should store dog food somewhere safe and in good manners.

Feed Regularly On Schedule

Make a schedule to feed your dog daily. And follow the timings well to provide food to your dog. This will help them in a sense of stability. And their health will maintain stability too.

Clean Food & Water Bowl Every Day

You should always keep this in mind. Having dust on food and unclean dishes contain bacteria and fungus. Your dog will end up having some serious allergies.

Talk To Your Veterinarian If Your Dog’s Eating Habits Have Changed

When it feels blue all of sudden. There are chances to change some eating habits in your dog. The thing is that it can’t say but show symptoms. If you notice some changed behavior. Then it’s high time to talk to your veterinarian.

Do Siberian Huskies Need A Special Diet?

You might get confused that a Siberian Husky needs a heavy diet. Because it’s big in size and a working dog. But that’s not the case here. It doesn’t need a heavy diet but a properly monitored special diet. Considering the dog’s needs, you should use a feeding guide to choose the best food for them. And make sure to stick with the meal schedule. Anything less or excess can bring health issues to your dog.

When To Switch Puppy To Adult Food?

Around 6 months old, huskies reach adulthood. They become mature soon. The main aim of puppy food is to provide extra protein and nutrients. Those extra proteins and nutrients make them stronger and faster. So, they grow faster but after 6 months the process slows down. Because now they don’t need faster growth. That’s why they don’t need extra protein and nutrients. So, after 6 months you should start to reduce the quantity of food.

What Is Husky’s Favorite Food?

Huskies love to have food treats. For instance, cheese, toast, waffles, and sometimes raw steak. But as you know their health matters like yours. Cheese contains high fat that isn’t good for regular feeding. Toasts are fine to feed them. But not when your Husky dog is allergic to wheat. And gluten-free waffles are best for health. You shouldn’t feed a husky raw steak. Raw steak or meat contains bacteria. Those bacteria can cause serious issues to your dog’s health.

What Can Huskies Not Eat?

Here are some foods that avoid feeding your husky:

  • Chocolate
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Grapes
  • Raw meats
  • Raw eggs
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Xylitol
  • Avocado
  • Sodas
  • Alcohol
  • Salty food
  • Bones
  • Shallots
  • Products of diary
  • Lemons
  • Bread dough
  • Fatty foods
  • Macadamia nuts

Husky Puppy Isn’t Eating?

You may wonder, why isn’t my husky puppy eating? There can be some possibilities for not eating food.

  • Poor quality of food that is affecting your dog’s sensitive digestive system.
  • Not having enough physical activity makes them less hungry.
  • Having many food treats during mealtimes makes their stomach full.
  • The same boring food and lack of variety in meals.


You’ve got all about a husky feeding guide. A husky doesn’t need a heavy food diet but a lean diet. After 6 months a husky reaches adulthood. When you should switch to 2 meals a day. And when it becomes senior, you should be careful with portions of the food. As its stomach becomes more sensitive. Also, you should be careful with treating foods. Maybe all these can make you feel overwhelmed. But as a pet owner, it’s a responsibility.  Start to follow these step by step. You’ll see a lot of improvements gradually.


How Much Should A 3-Month-Old Husky Puppy Eat?

A 3 old puppy should eat 2 cups of food, dividing into 3 times per day

How Much Should You Feed Your 8 Week Old Husky Puppy?

You should feed 2 cups of food per day to an 8-week-old Husky Puppy. This is enough for it to be healthy.

Can Puppies Eat Dry Food For 8 Weeks?

Yes, they can. In 8 weeks a puppy gets a full set of teeth usually. So, without getting any additional liquid they can chew dry food.

Is Pedigree Good For Husky Puppies?

Yes, it’s one of the best food choices for Husky Puppies. It has high protein, amino acids, and all other nutrients.

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